I am an Assistant Professor of Business and Technology at School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences at UT Dallas. My research applies game-theoretic and network modeling, causal inference, and experiments to the study of government Research and Development policy. More broadly, I study the interaction between business, technology, and politics.

My work has been published in, among others, Journal of Comparative Economics, European Journal of Political Economy, and Economics of Transition and presented at international conferences in Economics (ASSA, EEA, SIOE) and Political Science (APSA, MPSA, Polmeth). I received my Ph.D. in Government and M.Sc. in Statistics from University of California, Los Angeles. I can be reached at Natalia.Lamberova[at]UTDallas.edu. You can find my CV here.

Select Publications

Lamberova, Natalia. 2021. The Puzzling Politics of R&D: Signaling Competence through Risky Projects. Journal of Comparative Economics. 49 (3):801-818.

Dagaev, Dmitry, Natalia Lamberova, and Anton Sobolev. 2019. Stability of Revolutionary Governments in the Face of Mass Protest. European Journal of Political Economy. 60: 2-20.

Lamberova, Natalia, and Konstantin Sonin. 2018. Economic Transition and the Rise of Alternative Institutions: Political Connections in Putin’s Russia. Economics of Transition. 26(4): 615-648.