# EDUCATION **University of California, Los Angeles**, PhD in Government \hfill 2020 \hskip 1cm Topic: "*Political Economy of Technological Development*" \hskip 1cm Committee: Prof. Daniel Treisman (chair), \hskip 1cm Prof. Chad Hazlett, Prof. Daniel Posner, Prof. Nico Voigtlander (Anderson School of Management) **University of California, Los Angeles**, MSc in Statistics \hfill 2020 **University of Maryland, College Park**, Graduate coursework required for PhD in Economics \hfill 2012-14 **Kazan Federal University, Kazan**, BA in Economics (with Honors) \hfill 2010 **Washington University, St. Louis**, Visiting student \hfill 2008-9 # ACADEMIC POSITIONS **Assistant Professor of Business and Technology**, School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas, \hfill 2022-now **Postdoctoral Fellow**, Center for International Strategy, Technology and Policy, \hfill 2020-22 Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Institute of Technology **Teaching Fellow**, Anderson School of Management, UCLA \hfill 2018-19 **Research Fellow**, **Teaching Fellow**, Department of Political Science, UCLA \hfill 2014-17 **Teaching Assistant**, Department of Economics, University of Maryland \hfill 2012-14 **Research Fellow**, Center for the Study of Institutions and Development, \hfill 2013 Moscow Higher School of Economics **Lecturer**, Economics Department, Kazan National Technological Research University \hfill 2010-12 # RESEARCH ## Articles [**"The Puzzling Politics of R&D: Signaling Competence through Risky Projects"**](https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0147596721000020) in *Journal of Comparative Economics*, 2021, 49(3): 801-818 [**"Stability of Revolutionary Governments in the Face of Mass Protest"**](https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S017626801930045X?via%3Dihub) in *European Journal of Political Economy*, 2019, 60: 2-20, (with Dmitry Dagaev and Anton Sobolev) [**"Economic Transition and the Rise of Alternative Institutions: Political Connections in Putin’s Russia"**](https://doi.org/10.1111/ecot.12167) in *Economics of Transition*, 2018, Volume 26(4): 615–648 (with Konstantin Sonin) ## Peer-reviewed book chapters [**"Putin’s Strategy After the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-9"**](https://doi.org/10.3998/mpub.11354716) in *Economic Shocks and Authoritarian Stability: Duration, Financial Conditions, and Institutions*, 2020, 97-118, University of Michigan Press (with Daniel Treisman) [**"The Role of Business in Shaping Economic Policy"**](www.jstor.org/stable/10.7864/j.ctt1zkjzsh.9) in *The New Autocracy: Information, Politics, and Policy in Putin's Russia*, 2018, 249-276, Brookings Institution Press (with Konstantin Sonin) ## Research in progress [**"Why Governments Grow 'Lemons' in the Market for Technology"**](#in-progress) (under review) [**"The Puzzling Politics of R\&D: Political Connections and Innovation in Russia"**](#published-works) [**"Patent Protection and Innovative Entrepreneurship: Examining Effect of Alice Ruling on Startup Funding"**](#in-progress) (with Maxim Ananyev) [**"Democratic Backsliding: Civil Society and Institutions under COVID-19"**](#in-progress) # SELECTED GRANTS & FELLOWSHIPS Institute for Humane Studies, Arlington, Hayek Grant \hfill 2018-22 Dissertation Year Fellowship, UCLA \hfill 2019-2020 Institute for Humane Studies, Arlington, PhD Fellowship \hfill 2015, 2017-20 Dissertation Research Fellowship, \hfill 2018-19 Center for European and Russian Studies, UCLA Charles Koch Graduate Student Grant \hfill 2018 The Harriman Institute, Columbia University, Travel Grant \hfill 2018-19 The Harriman Institute, Columbia University, Research Grant \hfill 2018 Global Development Network CIS Department Development Grant \hfill 2012 Ronald Coase Institute Fellowship \hfill 2011 # SELECTED PRESENTATIONS ## International conferences APSA (2014, 2016, 2018, 2021,2022), ASSA (2020-2021), MPSA (2014-22), POLMETH (2019), WPSA (2018-19), Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics Conference (2021), Corruption, Tax Evasion and Institutions Conference (Stockholm School of Economics, 2021), 7th Annual Comparative Politics and Formal Theory Conference (2019), European Economic Association Annual Conference (2015) ## Invited Talks Computational International Relations Workshop (UCLA, 2020), IHS Graduate Workshop (George Mason University, 2019), Political Economics Workshop (Moscow Higher School of Economics, 2018, 2019) # TEACHING EXPERIENCE **Georgia Institute of Technology**, ***Sam Nunn School of International Affairs*** \hskip 1cm Economics of International Security (2020) \hskip 1cm Political Economy of Post-Communism (2020-21) **University of California, Los Angeles**, ***Anderson Business School*** \hskip 1cm Technology Analytics, with Prof. Keith Chen (2019) \hskip 1cm Competitive Analytics, with Prof. Keith Chen (2019) **University of California, Los Angeles**, ***Department of Political Science*** \hskip 1cm Politics and Government of Post-Communist Russia, with Prof. Daniel Treisman (2015-17) \hskip 1cm Politics and Strategy, with Prof. Barry O'Neil and Prof. Kathleen Bawn (2015, 2018) \hskip 1cm Experiments and Research Design, with Prof. Graeme Blair (2016) \hskip 1cm Peace and War, with Prof. Daborah Larson (2015) \hskip 1cm World Politics, with Prof. Leslie Johns (2015) **University of Maryland**, ***Department of Economics*** \hskip 1cm Principles of Micro-Economics, with Prof. John Straub (2014) \hskip 1cm Principles of Micro-Economics, with Prof. Naveen Sarna (2014) \hskip 1cm Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory and Policy, with Prof. John Neri (2013) # SERVICE **Manuscript Referee**: PLOS ONE, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, American Political Science Review, Journal of Comparative Economics, Economics of Transition, Journal of Public Policy # SKILLS **Software:** R (`keras`, `selenium`, `rvest`, `tm`, `ggplot2`, `statnet`, `sp`, `raster`, `daggity`, `gis`), \hskip 1.9 cm Stata, SPSS, \LaTeX **Languages:** Russian (fluent), French (basic proficiency) # REFERENCES Prof. Daniel Treisman (chair of the dissertation committee), Department of Political Science, University of California, Los Angeles, 4289 Bunche Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90095, [treisman@polisci.ucla.edu](treisman@polisci.ucla.edu) Prof. Chad Hazlett, Department of Political Science, University of California, Los Angeles, 3264 Bunche Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90095, [chazlett@ucla.edu](chazlett@ucla.edu) Prof. Konstantin Sonin, Harris Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Chicago, 1307 E 60th St, Chicago, IL 60615, [ksonin@uchicago.edu](ksonin@uchicago.edu) Prof. Sebastian Galiani, Department of Economics, University of Maryland, 7343 Preinkert Drive, College Park, MD 20742, [sgaliani@umd.edu](sgaliani@umd.edu)