Published articles

“Economic transition and the rise of alternative institutions: Political connections in Putin’s Russia” in Economics of Transition, 2018, 615-648 (with Konstantin Sonin)

“Stability of Revolutionary Governments in The Face of Mass Protest” in European Journal of Political Economy (with Dmitry Dagaev and Anton Sobolev), forthcoming

“The Role of Business in Shaping Economic Policy” in The New Autocracy: Information, Politics, and Policy in Putin’s Russia, 2018, 137-158, Brookings Institution Press (with Konstantin Sonin)

“Putin’s Strategy After the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-9” in Economic Shocks and Authoritarian Stability: Duration, Financial Conditions, and Institutions, 2020, University of Michigan Press, (with Daniel Treisman)

Research in progress

“The Puzzling Politics of R&D: Signaling Competence through Risky Projects” R&R at the Journal of Comparative Economics

“The Puzzling Politics of R&D: Growing “Lemons” in the Market for Technology”

“The Puzzling Politics of R&D: innovation and political connections”

Measure for Measure: Using Events Data to Characterize Relationships in Networks

“Leaderless Protests?” (with Dmitry Dagaev, Anton Sobolev, and Konstantin Sonin)

“A New Measure of State Relationships and Foreign Policy Similarity”